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april/may '15
limited run


released May 15, 2015

landon heitner x claude monet - album art



all rights reserved


the most beautiful images (created only to be destroyed) Emmaus, Pennsylvania

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the truth is out there

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Track Name: invisii
wanna be invisible for a year
oh god
the things that i would do for you(just nice stuff)
like turn off the lights in your apartment when you'd forget to
and fold your clothes
you'd never notice me hangin out
you never did but i dont blame you
im just sayin
it could work out
it could work out
we'll see
Track Name: hiding
our wilting effects(of montreal ripoff) make it easy to say goodbye so say goodbye
i dont wanna see you
your mind is full of things nobody understands so hold your breath
stupid little boy
always sleepin on the floor
makes you wonder
i hate your eyebrows and your face hair nose ears eyes dont shed no tears
dont bother
hopelessly looking for my stride
tired of hiding
Track Name: get better RARE BATHROOM RECORDING
idk i kinda improvised this sorry
Track Name: highway
on the highway
staring at people i dont know
everybodys got a place to go
somewhere in time theres a spot for me
but on the way there i broke both of my feet

maybe im afraid to talk to you
you dress so well i barely even see you
maybe if im very unlucky
you have a boyfriend and he'll punch out all of my teeth
Track Name:
you look different with your glasses off put them back on
you look different with the lights on turn them back off
its not my fault
i feel annoying when i dont take my meds
i feel annoying when i state that im depressed
im really sorry. for nothing
Track Name: fucked uppp
the record store was closed
i think we cried a little
decided to go back home

always up late
my friends they never go to sleep
forgot to say goodnight to you

again again again and again.

we drive around until we find
a place that seems to transcend time
and set up camp

"the sky!" i preach is beautiful
and full of things you'd never see
unless you look closer

and so is life
and its alright
Track Name: lame
making new friends based off compliments
ive never felt so stupid in my life

trying new things when i can
but i cant ever stop feeling out of place

we talk and then we dont and then
we talk and then i cant fall back asleep

i cant pay you much attention
ive got 50 other things i procrastinate

ill try to describe
the scenes inside my mind
ill try to tell you
how i think the world works