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released July 31, 2017




all rights reserved


the most beautiful images (created only to be destroyed) Emmaus, Pennsylvania

talk 2 me: jordanrpierce@gmail.com
the truth is out there

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Track Name: go away
you sleep all alone just like the words lay on your screen
think you have the answers but you dont know what they mean
forget your name and move away to some forgotten place
where people dont know who you are and why you need to take their lives away
Track Name: december
its been several years since ive heard from you my dear
cant say i feel any better but hey ive had my share
i want to let you know that ive found me someone new
shes sweet and kind and always nice shes so much unlike you

i hope you still remember late nights all alone
i hope you still remember burning lights a sweet december
Track Name: from the morning
nick drake song bih
Track Name: i dont know
maybe its nothing and maybe im stupid
but when you start laughing i feel like im useless
do i say the right words
do i wear the right clothes
if i say i dont know
will you still love me i hope

i dont know
Track Name: why
i thought you looked
pretty nice so i thought id say hi
you took one look and
said why do you wanna die
then i realized
you said goodbye
it all comes back to you
it all comes back to you
and when our love slowed
let it die
i wondered how it felt like
in that moment i didnt cry cause i knew soon i'd feel alright

so then i realized when you said goodbye it all made sense to you it all makes sense to you
Track Name: scrambel egs
when i walk around the house at night i dont know what i look like
if you saw me for who i am i bet youd cry
i pretend that i am strong and that everyones beneath me
but instead im just a dick and im mean

heres to all the people walkin round the world without a clue
of whats around them can't make sense of scrambled eggs
i tried i really did i know i know its not that great but at least
i can say that i get by

i can try to live my life
i can try i can try
not feeling great but i can try i can try i can try
its all grey but i can try i can try i can try
just for you i can try i will
Track Name: its not
someone told me this was wrong
i said no its not and i moved on
youre scared because this is a lot
and im afraid to talk about whats wrong
you packed your bags and now youre gone
i think its all your fault but its not
i know its not